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Wisconsin Medium Finds Missing Louisiana Mom – Here’s How It Happened

today02/06/2024 1

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Theresa Jones, a 56-year-old from Union Parish, Louisiana, vanished on a cold February night. After local law enforcement hit a dead end, her desperate daughters turned to psychic medium Carolyn Clapper. In a twist straight out of a mystery novel, Clapper’s eerily accurate directions led them to their mom’s body in a nearby creek. 😱 Want to know how it all unfolded? Read on to uncover this incredible story!

The Vanishing Act

What Happened to Theresa Jones? Theresa Jones disappeared on February 2, 2023. Despite extensive search efforts by local law enforcement, including a canine unit, no clues were found. Her daughters, Ashley Deese and Brittany, felt utterly hopeless. In their desperation, they reached out to Carolyn Clapper, a renowned psychic medium from Wisconsin, hoping for a miracle. 🌌

Psychic Magic at Work

How Did the Psychic Medium Find Theresa Jones? Clapper, known for her spooky accuracy, offered a 45-minute reading pro bono. She provided precise directions using landmarks and a compass. Clapper described specific locations and items that only someone present at the scene would know. Following her instructions, Ashley and a friend used a compass to navigate through the dense woods behind Theresa’s home. 🧭✨

Ashley recalls, “Clapper’s instructions were so detailed, down to the color of the carpet in my mom’s house and the exact spot near a huge log by a creek.” They found Theresa’s remains just where Clapper had said, bringing both relief and sorrow to the family. 😢

Questions Remain

Why Are There Doubts About the Official Cause of Death? The Union Parish Sheriff’s Office ruled Theresa’s death an accidental drowning due to methamphetamine poisoning. However, her daughters strongly contest this conclusion. They argue that critical steps were overlooked:

  • No Fingernail Clippings or Rape Kit: These forensic tests were not conducted, which could have provided crucial evidence.
  • Disarray at Home: Theresa’s meticulously neat home was found in an unusual state of disarray, which was out of character and raised suspicions.
  • Bruises and Injuries: The autopsy photos showed bruises that the daughters believe indicate foul play. 🕵️‍♀️

“This case is more tangled than a pair of earphones in your pocket,” Ashley remarked, highlighting their frustration with the investigation. 🎧🕵️‍♂️


The daughters’ search for answers is far from over. This case shows just how weird and wild things can get when you mix psychics with real-life mysteries. Want more spine-tingling stories? Keep it locked here! 👻

The complete story is available on KNOE News 8.

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