Interview: Who Is Paul Lock?

More than sixty most diverse questions answered by a DJ and producer who makes slamming songs time and time again.

Numerous remixes can be found of this fantastic DJ and producer. Interview: Who Is Paul Lock? gives an overall picture of the man behind several mega-hits on a personal, playful to a professional manner.

Paul Lock is a DJ and a music producer from Bangor, North Wales. He produce nu disco and deep house music under the umbrella of record labels such as Deeper Motion Recordings, KudoZ Records, and Deep Disco Records. Paul Lock is known for hits like Say This, Shine, and Weekend Freakin.


  1. Biography
  2. Personal
  3. Playful (For the youngsters)
  4. Professional
  5. Music
  6. Fever
  7. Prospective
  8. Facts
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Paul Lock Biography

Who is Paul Lock - Biography

Paul Lock was born and raised in North Wales and became infected with the DJ virus in 2001 when he became the proud owner of turntables of the brand Technics, namely the Sl-1210. Lock’s talent as a DJ is related to the fact that he practiced day and night at that time.

In the first instance, Funky House was the source of inspiration for Paul Lock, so his love for club music grew and pushed him in the direction of music producer.

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Today Paul Lock is a name that is indispensable in the nu disco / deep house music industry. He has developed such a unique sound that is recognizable like an oily fingerprint on clean glass. Luscious chords, emotional melodies, and the insane bassline form the signature on Lock’s music.

Paul Lock releases his music on labels such as Deeper motion Recordings, KudoZ Records, NYLO Music, and Deep Disco Records.

Sneak Peek in Paul Lock’s Personal Life

Who is Paul Lock - Biography

In Sneak Peek in Paul Lock’s personal life you get introduced with him on a personal level.

What is your real full name and when were you born?

Paul Lock, Bangor, North Wales.

Where do you live now?


What do you want to tell us about your background?

I’m the oldest child of 3.

What can you tell about the neighborhood where you came from?

A beautiful scenic valley in the heart of Snowdonia.

Paul Lock wearing cool shades

What is your favorite activity?

Spinning around on my bike listening to Spotify.

What is your most special characteristic?

Driven and determined.

What is your biggest downside and plus point?

Not sleeping enough and relentless in finishing music.

What is your motto?

Overnight success takes 10 years.

Are you in love, engaged or married and do you have children?

In a long term relationship with identical twin girls.

Paul Lock’s Playful Side

Who is Paul Lock - Playful

We have all been young, so we ask Paul Lock a number of playful questions.

What was your dream job as a child?

Professional football player.

What does your perfect pizza look like?

Round with a BBQ base, chicken, and sweetcorn.

What do you like to do besides living as producer?

Go to comedy nights.

Five things that make you happy?

Family, Holidays with Family, Food, Christmas and Studio time.

If you can live on another planet, what will it be?

Planet of the vapes.

When is the last time you shaved your beard?

My hairdresser does it once a month.

What was your favorite song when you were 10?

Crystal Waters – Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless).

What is the best song for you that you have produced and why?

My latest original – Fever – It signifies everything I love about my sound. Smooth chords with a banging bassline.

Which video made you cry with laughter?

What is the strangest thing you have experienced as a DJ or producer?

People dancing sat down in a child’s play tent, in the middle of the dance floor.

Paul Lock’s Professional Side

Who is Paul Lock - Professional

Time to bombard Paul Lock’s with some serious questions to clarify his professional side of life.

For who would you like to produce a song for?

Shawnee Taylor.

What inspires you and what makes you want to keep producing music?

The record label “Deep Disco Records”. So many great influential artists to work with.

What is the first thing you listen for when listening to a new recording?

The vocal and bassline.

Who is the best music producer working in the industry today?

All of the Deep Disco team. Too many to just name one.

What is your favorite part of this line of work? Your least favorite? and Why?

Remixing for top producers. Late nights when I have an early start the next day.

What are a few key lessons you’ve learned about producing that others could take advice from?

Don’t give up on anything you start and see it through to the end. You can amaze yourself sometimes.

Describe your workflow aka professional ritual when making a song?

Find a good vocal, write some chords, add drums and make a killer bassline.

Describe your studio set up?

Ableton Live, Mac GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i7, Mopho x4 analog synth, Sennheiser HD 650 headphones. 32 inch Sony Bravia monitor, USB fan & my vape.

Your first purchase was a Technic 1210 in 2001, but what was your latest studio purchase?

I’ve just purchased Nexus 3.

About Paul Lock’s Musical Side

Who is Paul Lock - Music

The world knows Paul Lock of course for his great music so questions in the musical field must be asked.

What is your biggest success so far as “Paul Lock”?

My biggest success was hosting a masterclass for the Finish More Music group, which has over 400 members. It was a live stream for a closed group where I gave an in depth explanation of how I make a track. I screen shared my projects with the group, and did a live Q&A session.

How can you best describe your style?

It’s a blend of Nu Disco & Deep House. Lots of chord progressions, melodies and big basslines.

What kind of music do you make and what is your music genre?

Feel good music that makes people happy. It’s Deep Disco and has influences of many genres. Funky House, Deep House, Trance, Nu Disco.

When did you produce your first music, what is the name of the song, and can we find it online?

The Light Of My Life.

How do you distinguish as “Paul Lock” in the industry?

By remixing for artists like Pete Bellis, Costa Mee and Nikko Culture.

You worked with Anja Kicken on the single “Broad Daylight”. What does she think of your music?

Anja is also part of the Finish More Music group and is very supportive of my work. She is an amazing vocalist and an amazing producer of original music. It was a pleasure working with her and meeting up with her last year in London.

The Nikko Culture Remix of “Hide Not Your Power” featuring Serhat Kidil and Monoteq is the most viewed video with your fingerprint on YouTube. How did this great collaboration emerged, who made the first step to work together, and would you like to work with them again?

I was already releasing music on Deeper Motion Recordings and Monoteq is the Label boss. He makes very influential music, which helped me shape my sound. I sent him a half arranged track that I made and asked him if he would like to collaborate. He then sent it to Serhat who sent me a video of himself singing over it, which was amazing. He went to a recording studio, sent the stems over to Monoteq, who added the final arrangement with some killer melodies and genius touches. Monoteq had connections with Nikko, who did some magic on the remix.

Nikko Culture

You also might like the interview with Nikko Culture.

I have remixed another tack for Nikko since then called “Love Moments” for his label “Life away Records”. This was a big remix for me and was perceived well. I have also worked on tracks for Nayio Bitz on Nikko’s label, and have another remix out soon for a Nikko original.

You described that “The Rights Of Everyman” received support from Rocher Sanchez. Describe this support?

Roger played my track on the Release Yourself podcast and introduced it himself. Mind Blown.

Which song from the top 40 would you dare to make a remix of?

I don’t listen to top 40 music, so I cannot answer that question I’m afraid.

About Paul Lock’s “Fever”

Click here to download a copy of this song so that you can always listen offline.

Paul Lock’s extended play by Fever was released on November 15. We want to know more about that.

How is Fever established? Explain how you came up with the idea or found inspiration to produce Fever.

Listening to music from the 80’s and 90’s.

Who is the vocalist in your smashing track Fever?

The Vocalist is Sheree Hicks from a royalty free vocal pack available at Loopmasters.

How much time did it take to complete the Fever project?

Fever was completed after 4, 3 hour studio sessions.

Fever is available as an extended play in various shops including Dimitris Athanasiou, J. Damur, JetLove, and VetLove. How did those great producers end up on Fever – EP and what do they think of Fever?

The remixers on the track are all part of the Deep Disco Records team, put together by Pete Bellis. Who all loved the track.

About the identity of Fever. Name one music genre that you think Fever belongs to?

Fever is a Nu Disco monster.

Which software did you use to produce Fever?

It was created in Ableton Live Suite 10.

Why the name Fever?

Fever was the name of the original vocal clip.

To whom did you’ve played Fever for the first time?

It was first played to Pete Bellis.

What do you think of the result of Fever? Are you proud?

I am massively proud of Fever. It has given me a new sound to work with on future records. A turning point for my music production.


Who is Paul Lock - Future

Unfortunately, we cannot predict the future, so Paul Lock answers questions about his future.

Where can we expect from you in the future?

A new Album in 2020

Which artist would you like to collaborate with?

Nando Fortunato.

Where do you expect to be in 5 years?

Still doing what I am doing but on a larger scale.

What are your ambitions for in the future?

Write a second album of original music.

What would you like to produce another song about?

The story of the Deep Disco movement.

Are you planning to expand your studio?

I don’t have no room to expand at the moment, but maybe one day.

What kind of plans do you have as a DJ or do you continue to focus on producing?

My main focus is producing music.

Which DJ or producer do you want to collaborate with?

Team Deep Disco.

What can you tell about your next song?

It’s a secret and you will have to wait and see.

Facts about Paul Lock

True facts about Paul Lock that nobody knows about him.

  1. I’m a huge Liverpool fan
  2. I have twin girls
  3. I traveled South East Asia for 9 months
  4. I have an electric bike
  5. I’m a member of Finish More Music


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