Who is John Castel & Xan Castel?

What can you tell about them: "They Are a Hit Machine"

Far & Away is a smashing song the Castel duo recently released. For them, music is a true family tradition. You maybe wonder who is John Castel and Xan Castel?

John Castel & Xan Castel are electronic music producers from France and also father and son known for “So Love Tonight”, “Be With You”, and “I Don’t Mind”. Father John Castel, born in 1982 in Bayonne, is a house, deep house, tech house, and tribal house music producer that has inspired his son Xan Castel to follow his footsteps.

Background Story of John Castel & Xan Castel

Now that the question of who is John Castel & Xan Castel has been answered for you, we first want to explain a little more about how this collaboration started because it is quite an adorable story.

We bring you back to the year 2014 when father John Castel began writing his music.

His son Xan Castel is not a stereotype teenager who is wasting his time on YouTube gaming but follows his father’s footsteps, namely making music.

Xan is an inquisitive and curious kid who has looked over the shoulders of his father. This has not gone unnoticed by his dad.

Father & Son in Mallorca.

One day John had a reality check and discovered that his son admired him.

Xan was different than his classmates for example he played the guitar at the age of 10 years. Instead of vlogging on YouTube, he asked his dad to teach him how to mix and a few years later, the son also started to write songs.

And then the unique after effect happened that father John Castel never expected. His son inspired him.

This is how the collaboration between father and son is established.

Facts About John Castel & Xan Castel

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Posted by John Castel & Xan Castel on Thursday, December 5, 2019

The very first song that appeared on YouTube is Wanna Be With U on November 26, 2018 by the channel Mr.LoveYotube.

The trendiest search on YouTube is the song is United and on Google So Love Tonight lyrics is a trendy search.

The most viewed video is So Love Tonight, the Housenick Remix, and the most viewed original mix is Wanna Be With You.

John Castel & Xan Castel are supported by our popular resident DJ Paul Williams, who regularly includes one of their songs in his show Deep Essence.

Far & Away

Radio Marbella has always supported the duo and we want to introduce you to their brand new smashing song Far & Away.

Grab your copy of Far & Away here.

Our predictions have so far always come true such our prediction on Regards with Ride It. We believe the duo will have an international break through. What do you think? Share your opinion below or on social network.