Who is Jay Aliyev of Replace? “Alarm Track”

This super stunner is the trendiest song on Radio Marbella!

Replace, the delicious song by Jay Aliyev is currently popular among the listeners. Who is Jay Aliyev?

Jay Aliyev is a Deep House music producer born and raised in Azerbaijan known for his milestone hits such as Together, Move One, and I Can High. He is also the owner and founder of Baijan Records and DEEPDISCO.

Most Viewed YouTube Video

You may be curious how he does on YouTube so we sorted this out for you. We have learned that Jay Aliyev is a million-magnet.

It turns out that Halsey – Control the Jay Aliyev remix is the most popular song with lifetime views since April 16, 2019, of a whopping 14.7 million views. In second place is Move On with over 14 million views and in third place is the Jay Aliyev remix of Halsey – Control with almost 12 million views.

Listen down below and let us know what you think?

Now that you know which songs are popular on YouTube let’s find out how people search for Jay Aliyev?

Below are a top five of the most popular searches on Jay Aliyev:

  1. Together
  2. I Can High
  3. Replace Lyrics
  4. Cosmos Lyrics
  5. Biography

Where to find him?

Of course we want you to support him by following him on social network. You can find Jay Aliyev on:

If you follow him you won’t miss any of his cool posts like this one, the photoshoot for Replace.


If you have a few minutes just listen to this week’s Alarm Track Replace … and share your opinion! Before we forget … if you like this track grab a copy on iTunes or Beatport.

Don’t forget to listen to Radio Marbella because his brand new song “Shamed” is broadcast regularly!


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