Who Is Ilan Videns?

Who is the man behind the Love Me Harder remix?

He has produced numerous singles but also remixes such as those of Triplo Max with Love Me Harder. You maybe wonder, who is Ilan Videns?

Jean Rodriguez known as Ilan Videns is a DJ, producer, and owner of the record label VDNS Music from Ecuador. He has put himself on the radar with the song “Life” and remixes such as “I Got You” and “Amor Peligroso”.

At the age of 14, he started as a DJ for the now non-existent Romanian radio station Dance.Ro.

Radio Marbella has learned that the famous artist Lion Herris is the mentor of Ilan Videns. Herris has taught him the tricks of being a music producer. In 2018 he perfected his skills at the music studio Herrbroz Studios.

His music is strongly recognizable by the relaxing synths and sticky melodies that compliment Deep House basslines and trance vibes. This unique cocktail of sounds has created Ilan Videns fame in the music industry.

Below you can see a music video of his most recently released remix: Triplo Max – Love Me Harder (Ilan Videns Remix).

If you look into his discography you quickly learn that he has mainly made remixes. The most popular remix is “Glow ft. Dust – I Got You (Ilan Videns Remix)” with more than 600,000 views.

The trendiest search on Google and YouTube is his song “Life” a delicious song with deep bass lines and beautiful Russian vocal.

Doesn’t this song sound familiar to you? This song originates from the 2018 hit “Zivert – Life“.

You can also find Ilan Videns on social networks. You can follow him on Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud, and Spotify.

Ilan Videns summerized. He was born on March 18, 1998 in Quito, Ecuador. Based on his Instagram, we can conclude that he likes Japanese cars.

The photogenic DJ and producer has a Pioneer mixing table at home but makes his music at Herrbroz studios in Quito, Ecuador.

The most popular song is the Ilan Videns remix of Glow ft. Dust – I Got You and the most recent is Love Me Harder.

This is Ilan Videns!