Who is HAAB?

This is the trendiest song of this week on Radio Marbella

Their last recent track is listed this week as the Alarm Track. Who is HAAB?

HAAB is the stage name of the Russian Deep House and Progressive House music producers Alexander Buyakov and Andrey Butuzov known for their new song “In The Morning”.

In June they released the single “In the Morning / Welcome to the Summer” under the umbrella of the very loved German record label Deep Territory the co-founder of the Deep Disco Music label group.

Singles released in 2020

In addition to HAAB’s most popular and recent song “In The Morning”, they have released more great singles this year that look like they are serious are trying to make it in this industry:

On July 2, they posted on their Instagram that they have scored more than 8,000 listeners on Spotify, which is about 800% more than in May.


HAAB has just started its musical career but already has its own music style. The project runs by Alexander Buyakov and Andrey Butuzov.

Two guys addicted to music since they were children, always interested in the process of making the music. Soon the recordings began to appear on YouTube.

Now HAAB is making deep, melodic, and progressive house music.

The project aims to reach musical heights so that the depth of their tracks can be heard all over the world.

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