What Song is Sampled in Fever Clip?

The alarm track is a new track we of Radio Marbella think it has a great future.

The Alarm Track of week #51 is “Fever Clip” by Phil Fuldner & Schwarz 100. Do you know what song is sampled in Fever Clip?

‘Fever Clip’ by Phil Fuldner and Schwarz 100 has samples of the song ‘Why You Treat Me So Bad’ by Club Nouveau. The hip-hop duo Luniz had a platinum hit using the same melody with ‘I Got 5 on It’ released in 1995.

German pride, Phil Fuldner is recognized by DJs and producers internationally as one of the hottest producers. It seems that everything he touches turns into gold and for this reason, he is very popular among well-known pop acts. From MTV to Armada —you name it— been there, done that for Phil Fuldner.

5 Songs With The ‘Why You Treat Me So Bad’ Sample

Not only Phil Fuldner, Schwarz 100, and Luniz made a slamming hit with the melody. Below are five songs that have scored very well too, from old to new.

  • DMX – Untouchable (feat. Cross, Syleena Johnson, Infa-Red, Sheek Louch & Drag-On) – Released: 2003
  • Ashanti – Only You (feat. Caddillac Tah, Merce, Ja Rule & Black Child) – Released: 2005
  • Meek Mill – Heaven or Hell (feat. Jadakiss & Guordan Banks) – Released: 2013
  • Yo Gotti – I Know (feat. Rich Homie Quan) – Released: 2013
  • Lecrae – Nuthin – Released: 2014

It seems that ‘Why You Treat Me So Bad’ is the secret soup for a hit.

Fever Clip

Listen to this week’s Alarm Track by Phil Fuldner & Schwarz 100.

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