What is Vocal Deep House?

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Is Vocal Deep House music is a subgenre? What is it? … In this article you learn more about the history, the biggest misunderstanding about Deep House music and much more interesting stuff.

Vocal deep house music is a name derived from deep house recognizable by a strong presence of vocals, original low-pitched vocals. On January 1, 2012, this term was first used by Mainroom Warehouse as a vocal construction kit for producers. Vocal deep house is not a music genre but a description of deep house music with many vocals.

Vocal Deep House

To understand Vocal Deep House music you have to go back in time. Deep House music is a descendant of House music. House music originated in 1977, not 1980, in the club The Warehouse. The owner of this club Frankie Knuckles mixed disco classics with new Eurobeat pop. The Warehouse was also called The House and that’s how House music has got its name. Watch the video below to find out more about the godfather of House music Frankie Knuckles and the origins of House music.

What does deep mean? American house music DJ Ron Trent explains: “That [deep house] was just a phrase we used back in the day to describe the music that Frankie and Ronnie were playing … disco and jazz and underground stuff, the non-accessible stuff.”

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Deep House was created by DJ, record producer, and musician Larry Heard in early 1980 in Chicago by giving it deep elements. Larry Heard made House music deep by introducing a musical and emotional complexity that allowed to stand along side with jazz, disco, and R&B.

So Glad‘ by Mr Fingers is a true Deep House song.

But, everything changed with time, including music. The definition of Deep House today consists of chill vibes, soulful vocals with a steady 4/4 rhythm basic fundamental, just like early House music.

The most logical reasoning is to say Vocal Deep House music is a subgenre of Deep House but Vocal Deep House is not an officially recognized genre … House wasn’t a music genre either end 70s.

Vocal House and Deep Vocal House are not the same as Vocal Deep House because (Deep) Vocal House has elements of house music. Vocal Deep House derives from Deep House and this music genre is known for the steady 4/4 rhythm.

The characteristics of Vocal Deep House music is Deep House with the accent on the vocals, mostly pitched down vocals.


Are you sure what Deep House music is? Watch and listen to the 2017 GIG of the American Deep House DJ and record producer Kerri Chandler.

People complain that sites such as Beatport, people, DJs, producers, and record labels mislabel Deep House. “Stop calling it Deep House,” says a Reddit user.

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“Everyone just throws that tag on their track … I’m even buying tracks at the moment and a lot of what is tagged as deep house simply isn’t.” says a forum user.

The complaints were posted by internet users four years ago. This is outdated, right?

Wrong, it is fairly easy to find mislabeled music and the email shows that this is tolerated.

A recent example is the smashing song “Moonlight”. Labeled as Deep House on Soundcloud but landed on #3rd position in the Dance chart.

The mislabeling of Deep House music means that people have a lack of knowledge, are not interested in music, or are simply a trend-hopper.

Dance is not Deep House.

EDM/Electronic Dance Music

Electronic Dance Music or EDM is not a genre but a generalized name for genres such as House, Electro, Techno, and more.

Many people believe that the 1969 song Popcorn is the first electronic song ever. The mainstream claims Electronic Dance Music was actually born in Jamaica.

Jamaican artists merged multiple tracks on reel-to-reel tape recorders in the 60s.

That might be the case but it’s not true.

First Electronic Music

The first ever computer-generated song was created by Alan Turing in 1951, namely the British National Anthem.  The University of Canterbury in New Zealand have managed to restore the audio.


Radio Marbella is the first and the only Vocal Deep House radio station in the world. On this radio station, you will only find music with that wow-factor of high standard musical and emotional twist. This can be Deep House, but Radio Marbella broadcasts also Dance, Indie Dance/Nu Disco, and House music.

Radio Marbella is literally and figuratively a beach radio station because it is located a few meters from Mediterranean sea. The music matches well with the image of Marbella.

What is Deep House? Learn here.

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Written by: Radio Marbella

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