Viral Marbella Shooting Video Debunked – Fake News Alert

The Marbella shooting video is a hoax. A real Libya shooting video from last week is linked to Marbella. So, really fake! Radio Marbella breaks the story.

Marbella Shooting Video

Fake News Tweet! [1]

In a video that is circulating on the social network, you see a shooting near a roundabout. A car is riddled with bullets and afterward, a black car drives away. Social network accounts claim that this happened in Marbella.

A police associated Twitter account CPU Policías Unidos made the claim on 17 November and this video with a shooting in Marbella. Reason enough for many people [2] to adopt this story without fact checking.

Radio Marbella debunks the story.

Original Video

The video appeared on November 11, 2019 on the Lebanon24 News YouTube channel. The shooting took place in Abou Samra, in the capital city and the largest city of Libya, namely Tripoli and not Marbella.

The police is not responsible for the intentionally misleading report made by the hoaxer CPU Policías Unidos.