Van Peters

VAN PETERS is a Dutch DJ and entrepreneur from Marbella who lives an extraordinary life in the southern region of Spain.

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“Blasting deep mysteriously emotions straight from the heart that speaks volumes existing out of wuthering heights of tunes through feel-good music and sexy grooves which are the fundamental of the creation of a sensational addictive atmosphere you never want to leave.”

That is how VAN PETERS describes himself as a DJ. He was born on July 19, 1980, in the Dutch village Lochem. His mother from the Moluccan and a Dutch father have no musical background and didn’t inspired him but instead the hardcore DJ and producer Paul Elstak, whom he considers a Godfather, inspired him in 1997 to stand behind the decks. By attending Thunderdome parties a flame started to burn. With two meters high club speakers in a three square meter bedroom, he terrorized his parents and the neighborhood while developing his skills.

In 2001, VAN PETERS moved to Salou, Spain, where he worked for a local entertainment magazine. The daily video recordings were discovered by the Dutch DJ and producer Mental Theo (Theo Nabuurs). This was broadcast weekly on the Dutch national television network TMF (which was sold to MTV in 2011) under the program called “Mental Theo on the Road”. VAN PETERS had the honor to work with Mental Theo. From 2007 his professional career started to explode and he collaborated with the Dutch record label “White Villa” under the direction of DJ and producer John Marks (John Dirne). VAN PETERS flourished exciting collaborations with national and international artists such as Brooke Hogan, Jah Rule, Hadise, $tacks, Sobe Entertainment, DJ Artento Divini, DJ Melvin Warning, DJ Roy Gates, DJ Maarten de Jong, Hero Music and Entertainment, FIO (Ronald Fiolet), Mark Loverush UK, Starkoo, and many more but not limited to artists.

In 2017 VAN PETERS decided to put all his knowledge and experience he gained in the music and entertainment industry in Radio Marbella, resulting collaborations with influential DJs, producers, and record labels of today to thousands radio listeners. He hosts his radio show GO:DEEP on Radio Marbella where he shows his qualities built up throughout all those years in his monthly “Vocal Deep House” music show giving his audience an unforgettable ecstasy of sensation.