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The Final “Alarm Track” of 2019 Comes from Belgium

The alarm track is a new track we of Radio Marbella think it has a great future.

Every week we select the trendiest song among the listeners called the Alarm Track. The very last Alarm Track of 2019 is of Merlo with the song Anybody.

The DJ and producer Jordi Dhooge, known as Merlo, lives in Waarschoot, Belgium and is listed with the indie dance song Anybody as the trendiest song on Radio Marbella.

It is a great achievement that an old song — because Anybody was released in June this year — got the Alarm Track title. Simple, Merlo is just an excellent music producer.

On Beatport, that same Alarm Track is positioned #1. Listen to the song below.

Merlo – Anybody

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