“Endlessly” the Alarm Track of this week

Gab's Endlessly featuring Jex is the trendiest track of the past week. What can we tell you about Gab and Jex?

Who is Jay Aliyev of Replace? “Alarm Track”

Replace, the delicious song by Jay Aliyev is currently popular among the listeners. Who is Jay Aliyev?

TwoWorldsApart, Adam Darling, ILVS – Free “Alarm Track”

The uplifting Future House track "Free" is the Alarm Track of the week because it is the trendiest song on Radio Marbella.

SAINt JHN & Janelle Kroll – Lust (Black Station Remix) “Alarm Track”

The trendiest track on Radio Marbella is currently "Lust" the Black Station Remix. But who is Black Station?

Alarm Track: 3D – Can’t Breathe

Trendy song of the past seven days on Radio Marbella is 3D - Can't Breathe and that is why it is the...

Yves V & Ilkay Sencan – Not So Bad (Mar G Rock Remix)

Yves V & Ilkay Sencan - Not So Bad (Mar G Rock Remix) received the highest rating during the Live EDM Music...

Housenick’s Ashes Remix Best Rated Track

The Housenick remix of GeoM's "Ashes" came out as the song with the highest rating during the Facebook Live EDM Music...

Pretty Pink’s Sweet Dreams Remix is “Toll Toll Toll”

The German female producer and resident DJ at Radio Marbella Pretty Pink released the remix of "Sweet Dreams" by Lost Frequencies.

Di Fiori & Mar G Rock – W.O.W (World Of Wonder)

W.O.W (World Of Wonder), the new song of Mar G Rock in collaboration with Di Fiori now playing on Radio Marbella.

Slam Deep: Vetlove’s Remix of American Ocean Hits the #1 Spot

American Ocean, the Vetlove remix by Housenick is the Slam Deep track of the week. It seems that the almost one-year-old...

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