Collaboration MAR G Rock and Da Buzz is Coming

Radio Marbella responsible for this magical collaboration.

Da Buzz Episode #7

https://www.mixcloud.com/van-peters/marbs-one-da-buzz-7/ Platinum dance pop group Da Buzz landed on 1 in the Vocal Deep House Top 10...

Meet Da Buzz

Da Buzz a Swedish legendary dance pop group formed 1998. Had their first hit and Platinum seller in Sweden 2000 with the song “Do...

Ozan Akçiçek Episode #6

https://www.mixcloud.com/van-peters/marbs-one-ozan-akcicek-6/ Ozan Akçiçek conquered the first position of chart #28 with the song "Promises".

Meet the Duo Behind “Lena” Cagri Guzet & Unsal Koksal

Cagri Guzet & Unsal Koksal are ranked in the Top 10 chart #27 with the great hit "Lena" but the duo from Turkey also...

Cagri Guzet & Unsal Koksal Episode #5

https://www.mixcloud.com/van-peters/marbs-one-cagri-guzet-unsal-koksal-5/ Cagri Guzet & Unsal Koksal are in the spotlight in Marbs! One episode 5.

Mar G Rock Episode #4

https://www.mixcloud.com/van-peters/marbs-one-mar-g-rock-4/ Mar G Rock is now shining in the Marbs! One show episode 4.

Meet Mar G Rock Known For “Islands In The Sky”

Mar G Rock, known for "In My Arms", "Tell Me", and "Move On" is the center of attention during the MARBS! ONE show of...

Eleonora Episode #3

https://www.mixcloud.com/van-peters/marbs-one-eleonora-episode-3/ The track "I Follow You" received the most votes in the "VOCAL DEEP HOUSE TOP 10...

Meet Eleonora Sebrova for the Hit “I Follow You”

It is time to put the performing artist Eleonora Sebrova in the spotlights. This blonde female beauty is known for, among other things, the...

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Deep Essence #35

https://www.mixcloud.com/PaulWilliamsDJ/deep-essence-35-radio-marbella-december-2019-marbsradiocom/ Edition 35 of Deep Essence with Paul Williams DJ.

Alarm Track: “Lady Ocean – Breakthrough”

The song Breakthrough by Lady Ocean is the alarm track of this week. Breakthrough is a...

Highlights of Marbella 2019

Ten most unforgettable Marbella highlights of this year. Marbella Businessman Brutally Liquidated

Slam Deep: “Sofi Tukker & Zhu – Mi Rumba”

Sofi Tukker and Zhu have won the title Slam Deep with the slamming song Mi Rumba.