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Trendy EDM Songs of February 2021


15 Trendy EDM Songs of February 2021

15 Trendy EDM Songs is a monthly publication where we list the most popular music of the entire month. Who landed first in the 15 Trendy EDM Songs of February 2021? 'Deep Koliis & KastomariN - Pleasure' landed #1 in the 15 Trendy EDM Songs of February 2021, making it the trendiest song of the month. The song is released on January 29 this year under the umbrella of the […]

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15 Trendy EDM Tracks of January 2021


15 Trendy EDM Tracks of January 2021

We are approaching the end of February and while people are voting on our EDM Music Charts. That is why we think it is important to mention 15 tracks that were trendy on Radio Marbella in January, 2021. This time the tracks consist of Deep House and Electro Pop music. In addition, we have made available a Spotify and Beatport chart based on what was trendy last month. 1. Niccko […]

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EDM Music Charts


EDM Music Charts: Music Charts Explained

The EDM Music Charts is published weekly on the official website of Radio Marbella. You will wonder, what exactly is EDM Music Charts? The EDM Music Charts is a music chart with the ten trendiest latest EDM music of the past 7 days broadcasted on Radio Marbella. The top 10 is 100% organic because it is based on audience listening retention. Let us explain how we work. Monday It starts […]

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Carnage SLAMS EDM Producers Backfired Hard


Carnage SLAMS EDM Producers Backfired Hard

Last Wednesday, the American DJ and music producer Carnage tweeted negative statements about the EDM music industry. The Tweet backfired on him, people and even producers hit him hard. Carnage has listened over 600 demos and he believes that today's DJs are not original, Carnage wrote in his tweet. https://twitter.com/djcarnage/status/1357054172105859072 https://twitter.com/djcarnage/status/1357118736717647879 https://twitter.com/djcarnage/status/1357119787302744064 https://twitter.com/djcarnage/status/1357120298395475969 People are very upset about the claim that DJs don't take risks to push dance music forward. […]

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elon musk loves edm


SpaceX Boss Elon Musk Loves EDM

On January 31, 2020, the boss of the Aerospace company SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk, shared a Soundcloud song on his Twitter account, which resulted in launching the song the Soundcloud Chart Top 50. The song entitled "Don't Doubt ur Vibe" broke the top in two Soundcloud charts as a result of Elon's tweet. The song landed on #7 Soundcloud Top 50 chart and #2 Soundcloud New & Hot chart […]

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