Spanish Crying Doctor is a Hoax

The crying Spanish doctor regarding the Coronavirus outbreak would be a hoax, stated the Spanish debunking website Maltida. The man in the disinformation video is claimed to be a member of the far-right party, Vox de Badajoz. If you haven’t seen the alleged fake video, you can watch it below.

He does not wear a doctor’s apron and does not mention their name or profession, while he refers to a woman’s voice – also unknown – mentioning the ventilators are taken from +65s due to shortage.

However, the Spanish Ministry of Health and Madrid’s local health adviser said the name was not on the list and was not a member of the medical association.

La Paz hospital says “it’s not true” and they ensure there are enough respirators for all patients

Radio Marbella is not at all amused that the Corona pandemic is being exploited for political purposes over the back of thousands of dead. That is why we call for help to find the true identity of this man.

Do you know this man? Mail to [email protected]


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