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Spada and Prezioso give Rocky’s “Eye of the Tiger” New Life

The theme song “Eye of the Tiger” from the Hollywood blockbuster movie Rocky III has been brought back to life by Spada vs. Prezioso.

Sylvester Stallone asked the American rock band Survivor to provide him a theme song for Rocky III. The song held no. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for six weeks in a row. There are varies remix versions of Rocky’s theme song but the version of the duo Spada vs Prezioso dared to produce a dance edition named “Tiger“.

Listen Spada vs Prezioso – Tiger

Tiger is a sensational mashup between the infamous “Eye of the Tiger” and Spada’s latest release “Melodya”. This masterpiece has not gone unnoticed by influential DJs such as Tiesto and Thomas Gold, not least by radio stations worldwide.


Credits: Spada & Duplex

The Italian producer and DJ Spada have shared the stage with big names such as Robin Schulz, Sam Feldt, Bakermat, Nora And Pure, Edx and many more in his rising career. Spada signed official remixes for Robin Schulz, Benny Benassi, Above & Beyond, and Fritz Kalkbrenner. His music consists of different styles and feelings.

“His music is a crossover of different styles and feelings, from the trademark warm rolling bass to the loop Moroder bass or his own track” The Match “, to the EBM styling, all wrapped up with his own style or big room neo-prog sound,” he writes on Facebook.


Credits: Giorgio Prezioso

Prezioso’s music starts at the age of 11 when his parents accompany him to the historic nightclub where he had the awakening that he wants to become a great DJ.

A few years later he attends the DMC, the world championship of DJs in London. The winner, Cash Money, gave him the drive to reach his musical goals in life.

His talent is recognized abroad: the Street Parade in Zurich and the Love Parade in Berlin, play before Mariah Carey in front of an audience of over 20,000 people.

In May 2013 he released the single “Be Bop”, accompanied by a crazy video shot.

He considers himself a virtuoso of the console, always looking for new tools and effects to give emotions to his music.

Prezioso is known for songs such as “The Riddle”, “Tell Me Why”, and “Let’s Talk About a Man”.

Spada vs Prezioso – Tiger will be available in all stores on October 25 and Beatport on October 28 but Radio Marbella is broadcasting the smashing song starting today.

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