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Russian Deep Ocean

Soundsperale, Abriviatura IV, Chunkee and monthly special guest

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Saturday 21:00 22:00

Russian Deep Ocean

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Kurlykin Anton, known as the one and only Soundsperale who is at the moment is one of the bosses of the music label Deepwibe records, as a resident and member of the radio show Deepwibe session on radio Marbella. The world is familiar with his smashing hits produced from his studio in Russia like Power, Coming Over, or My Friend. Soundsperale now comes with a new weekly show called Russian Ocean Deep, together with Alexandr Konstantinov (Chunkee), Ilya Vetrov (Abriviatura IV); born, raised, and hosted first by Radio Marbella.

Your Saturdays are never boring again. Every week, Russian Deep Ocean, where deep delicious frequencies echoing you away in an ecstasy of awakening and deep pleasure, accompanied with delicious vocals that take you far deep into another world; This is RUSSIAN DEEP OCEAN with Russian musicians like Soundsperale, Abriviatura IV, Chunkee and monthly special guest.

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Russian Deep Ocean crew

Soundsperale's real name is Kurlykin Anton and he is talented Russian born producer and a boss of a record label.