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MiSS PARTY Radio Show

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The Bulgarian guapa gives you the ultimate sultry Marbella beach experience with the MiSS PARTY Radio Show. Every Monday evening at 9 pm Marbella time.

Can You Handle The Heat?

MiSS PARTY is known in Bulgaria as the most sexy and beautiful DJ and most of all with her skills behind the board. It provokes a furor wherever it may be. Styles that she play are Deep,Nu/Disco, Progerssive, TecH, TechNo, Vocal House, R&B, HiP – HoP.

MiSS PARTY has played the most popular Bulgarian DJs DJ Shoto, DJ Vesslin, DJ Andrez, DJ Versus и DJ Double D, DJ Momo Dobrev, DJ Michael, DJ Christian Craken; and foreign; DJ Paco Maroto,DJ Tarkan,DJ V-Sag, DJ Dimas-D FORMATION , DJ Zoki Poki, DJ Abrash, DJ Darkman, DJ Borce Panov, Djane Loko Baby, DJ Vladimir Acic and many more.

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MiSS PARTY Radio Show team

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The Bulgarian beauty that brings the vibes of warm summer beaches, this is MiSS PARTY. Feel the ultimate beach experience with MiSS PARTY.

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MiSS PARTY Radio Show crew

The Bulgarian beauty that brings the vibes of warm summer beaches, this is MiSS PARTY. Feel the ultimate beach experience with MiSS PARTY.