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Vocal Deep House

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Get into a deep silky mood with the deepest show at Radio Marbella. A monthly show with the most delicious and newest Deep House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco, and House.

Once you GO:DEEP you always come back for more.

Every first Thursday of the month  deep silky vocal deep house with VAN PETERS.

GO:DEEP is a live radio program with the latest vocal deep house music. VAN PETERS ensures that a sultry atmosphere will be created the moment you press play. GO:DEEP is an addictive storytelling journey of one hour consisting of music with beautiful melodies and deep of the deepest sounds.

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He is driven by an unstoppable passion for music. Van Peters is a perfectionist, striving to be original and stay on top of the scene. Van Peters is constantly on the move, whether in music in his studio or in clubs or festivals.