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Slow, Deep & Sensual

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Nanaya's sensual magic

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Experience an unforgettable rush and excitement with DEEP:SILKY SUNDAY. This must be experienced because the magic behind this program cannot be expressed in words.
A Black Force will Dominate Your Night with Silky Sensual Deep Vibes.

It is evident that Radio Marbella clearly understand the universal language also known as music. With this show, the tempo is significantly reduced to fill the surrounding of the listeners with a relaxed vibe.

The Secret

The secret is not in the speed but in the choice of music. During ‘Deep: Silky Sunday’ the listeners are confronted with specific music selection based on frequency and keynotes that stimulate the human mind to feel lustful.


Nanaya, goddess of sensuality, was worshipped by ancient Sumerians.

Adorned with attractiveness and joy and full of glamour, the splendid daughter of the god Anu.

Can you handle the temptation?

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