They have sex on a beach in the middle of the afternoon in Málaga

Local police have arrested a couple for having sex on a beach near minors

The local police have arrested a couple as alleged perpetrators who had sex while children were near and could see their private parts.

Members of Málaga local police have arrested a 40-year-old man and a 44-year-old woman as alleged perpetrators of a crime of exhibitionism with minors, after being caught performing sex acts on the beach of Huelin.

The local police have arrested a couple as alleged perpetrators who had sex while children were playing near the couple and could see their private parts.


The event took place last Saturday, July 4, around 4:30 PM on the beach of the Antonio Machado boardwalk, from which several calls were received, reporting that a couple had sex both on the beach sand and at the promenade.

Several agents appeared on the spot and upon arrival saw a “tumult” on the beach and nearby, where a large number of people gathered to watch the woman perform sexual acts on her partner, who were doing it on the beach bed near a public shower, all in the presence of numerous beach guests, people walking along the boardwalk and customers of a nearby beach bar.

The officers also warned of the presence of numerous minors, as reported by the local police in a statement.

Nothing’s Happening

When police approached the couple to ask them to quit, their response was, “What’s happening? This isn’t very serious, nothing’s happening,” according to the officers, who showed clear signs that they were under the influence of alcohol.

Local police officers interviewed lifeguards who told them that the couple had sex on the beach, warning them to stop and then go to the showers where they continued. For this reason, they were both arrested and then brought to trial.

The local police have recalled the Organic Law 10/1995 of November 23 of the Criminal Code, Article 185, Chapter IV of Title VIII of Book II, that refers to crimes against freedom and Sexual Safeguard, “anyone who let another person perform sexual acts or perform obscene exhibition on minors or persons with disabilities in need of special protection is liable to a term of imprisonment of six months to one year or a fine of 12 to 24 months.