Send Your Music to Radio Marbella!

Do you want to send your music to Radio Marbella and do you think it should be heard by thousands of listeners? Submit your music easily to us and maybe your music will be broadcast on the hottest radio station.

The music editors evaluate your song whether it is suitable for airtime. If the editors accept your entry, your music also has the chance to be nominated as Alarm Track or Slam Deep track of the week, which is determined by the listeners.

Make sure you fill in the form carefully so we get the best possible picture of you and your music but also this counts with the process.

This is what we want to receive from you:

  • A single, not a demo.
  • New, not old music.
  • 320 kbps mp3.

Due to many daily submissions, we cannot communicate about our decision, we hope you understand this.

Music Requirements:

  • The copyright of the track must be yours.
  • The song must fit in the music format of Radio Marbella. Think of genres such as dance, deep house, house, indie dance, and nu disco.

Make your selection

  1. Choose option one if you only want to submit a song once, but keep in mind that you have to fill in the form again when submitting a new song.
  2. Option two is the same as option 1 but you never have to fill in a form again after this one.