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Sandy Gorgeous, The Man Behind The Hit ‘The Second Game’

Sandy Gorgeous is ranked 3rd in the Vocal Deep House chart with the delightful track ‘The Second Game’. The producer and DJ received the most votes with 34 votes, Radio Marbella shines the spotlight on Sandy.

On April 26, 2019, “The Second Game” was released on iTunes under the record label Cafeine Records. If you like House, Afro & Latin House, Deep House, and remixes then Sandy Gorgeous is your man. “… if you like house, afro and latin house, deep house, remixs, or just me, you are at the right place,” he writes on Facebook.

Let’s Go became available a month before the release of The Second Game. Labeled as Deep House on Soundcloud with delicious old-fashioned house tunes, delicious!

Radio Marbella has learned that Sandy is a French producer who finished his first EP in 2016 as Sandman. The French DJ and producer have built up a good reputation and performs as DJ in clubs in France, Belgium, and England.


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Every Sunday Radio Marbella releases a new Vocal Deep House Top 10 chart. The chart is purely based on audience retention. So if a track attracts listeners, the track will rank higher than a track that drives listeners away. Radio Marbella selects ten tracks with the highest audience retention of the past seven days. The charts are final regardless of the votes. That way everyone gets a fair chance.

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MARBS! ONE with Sandy Gorgeous

The Show is available here.

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