Restaurants in Marbella Listen To Radio Marbella like Alegria

The restaurant beach bar Alegria located at Puerto Deportivo listen to Radio Marbella out loud. We discovered this today when we did our Marbella tour.

An Alegria employee pulls us in and says enthusiastic: “listen, we’re playing Radio Marbella in our business”.

Alégria is categorized on Facebook as a restaurant and pub. Upon arrival, you will be warmly welcomed by one of the employees. The perfect located business is a mix of a restaurant and a cocktail tiki bar where you can enjoy the sun cooled down with a soft breeze.

The menu is waiting for you to be picked up. Once you have taken a seat in one of their lounge sofas you will slowly get thirsty caused by the silky warm Marbella sun. We recommend the delicious freshly made Alégria cocktail consisting of fruit with high doses of vitamins. Healthy and very refreshing.

Alegria is more than a restaurant
Alegria is more than a restaurant

Slowly you are craving for something tasty. The food is also highly recommended. Alégria’s menu is small and concentrated which is a sign that the kitchen is good according to the respected celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and he is right.

We are a huge fan of tortilla wraps filled with meatloaf. Very addictive!

Alégria’s territory extends to the bright beach where you can enjoy the shade when the sun is getting too much for you. You will be served there too!


The male servant of Brazilian descent, therefore, deserves our respect. He serves all tables and the complete beach all alone. Always with a smile and rápido.

Chances are that the very friendly French owner approach you just to say hello and sometimes he gives his staff member an extra hand.

We are very surprised that this small business delivers so much service and quality. Are you looking for a place where you want to chill, eat or sunbathe alone, with your partner or family? Then Alégria is definitely the place to be.

In one of our previous articles we showed that the Dutch airport Schiphol to the brand like Ferrari listens to Radio Marbella. This shows that our music is very suitable for all kind of audience.

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