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Radio Marbella Launches Forum Community

The year 2020 begins with fun!

We have launched a brand new community and you can join for free. This consists of a community and forums where:

  • DJs can share their latest mixtapes;
  • music producers can proudly promote their music;
  • record labels can advertise with ease;
  • music lovers can be closer to their favorite artist;
  • and everything that has to do with Marbella.

The advantages

  • Personal account.
  • Personal public profile (Great to make new friends and follow your favorite user).
  • Create groups.
  • Forums.
  • DJs can be invited as guest DJ at Radio Marbella.
  • New music shared by producers and labels increases the chances to be picked up by Radio Marbella.
  • There is a good chance that a press release will be written based on your post.
  • This is an ultimate place to find publicity.
  • We do not collect and sell your data unlike other social networks.
  • It’s free

What are you waiting for?

Create your account for free

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