Radio Marbella – Best Music Also for Beach, Bars, and Companies

In Costa del Sol Radio Marbella delivers the best music for beaches, bars, and even companies. The music is very suitable for a large audience. Delightfully deep, acoustic sounds with a modern edge that fits perfectly with the image of this Spanish beach resort Marbella.

The success of Radio Marbella is due to the people. The loyal listeners listen daily and spread the word. We receive ratings by email and 5-star reviews on Facebook. Last year we were nominated as one of the best radio stations.

Vocal deep house music is an underrated but strongly growing music genre consisting of deep house music and vocal which makes every listener addicted to Radio Marbella. The fact that our music is suitable for a large audience has shown that famous locations such as the Dutch airport organization Schiphol are tuned in to Radio Marbella to shopping malls in New York City.

Another indication that Radio Marbella is a successful radio station that well-known music producers and influential record labels around the world reach out to us for airtime and collaboration.

We are very proud of what we have achieved at the moment. Radio Marbella is a young radio station that started as a hobby. A hobby discovered and loved by people and companies around the globe.


Radio Marbella Beach

“Did you know that the official logo of Radio Marbella stands for the waves of Marbella?”

The music of Radio Marbella represents the image of Marbella namely luxury, parties, and miles of golden beaches. Vocal deep house music is even more suitable than deep house music because you reach a broader audience. With deep house music, you limit yourself to a small group.

Radio Marbella focus a lot of attention to international tourists who book a summer vacation to Marbella. The tourists do not come to Costa del Sol to make snowmen, but to get a color on the beach and many other reasons what Marbella has to offer.

Our mobile apps come in handy for this target group. This allows people to enjoy the warm sultry sun and our music to dream away and feel like king or queen for just one day.

The mobile applications are available for free on BlackBerry, Google Play, and iTunes.


Marbella Beach Bars, Bars, and Companies

Radio Marbella is suitable for a wide range of companies such as bars and companies like offices. The music genre is wonderful and will never distract office workers, in contrary, it will help the employee concentrate better thanks to the deep acoustic sounds.

Companies can choose the Go-Premium plan to Air music in ultra high quality music without commercial interruptions. The public radio channel is ideal for advertising.

marbella advertise


Radio Marbella is the ideal platform for promotion. Companies have the opportunity to advertise and this way the entrepreneur reaches thousands of listeners with attention to your message. The radio platform is one of the best way to advertise your product or services for a reason.

Give us the text and we make the commercial for you with the possibility in 5 different languages:

  • Dutch (Male & Female Vocal)
  • Dutch Flemish (Female Vocal)
  • French (Female Vocal)
  • English (Male & Female Vocal)
  • Spanish (Male & Female Vocal)
  • Italian¬†(Female Vocal)

At a very competitive rate, the entrepreneur can rely on strong and effective promotion with the ability to advertise in certain times in different languages to get the maximum result.

Radio Marbella
Radio Marbella


Radio Marbella continues to grow thanks to the love and appreciation of our listeners. That is why we want to thank all our listeners for their support, love, and joy.

We are currently fluxing in the Shoutcast top 10 house radio stations. Our goal is to reach the number 1 position before July 2018. Expansion plans have been created to broaden our horizon and offer more options and enjoyment to listeners and business partners.

This is Radio Marbella, not only suitable for listeners but also generates business opportunities!