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Couple assaulted at beach club Playa Padre in Marbella

Written by on September 4, 2018

Marbella – In the night of June 10, a couple has been assaulted at beach club Playa Padre in Marbella. The man needed urgently medical attention for broken ribs, concussion of the brain, blocked neck and multiple hematomas. The traumatized woman has been attacked because she wanted them to stop, says the female victim Ksenia.

The couple Ksenia and fiancé James decided to visit Marbella because Ksenia lived here for 15 years.

Ksenia and fiancé James

Ksenia and fiancé James

Ksenia proudly wanted to show her fiancé the places she lived and introduce James to her friends.

She chose to replace her regular ritual with a little fun at beach club Playa Padre at 3 PM.

“Because I knew very well the co-owner or the main manager Albert Beniflah and I thought as I still haven’t been there, we could try the place and enjoy our Sunday there, —Ksenia said.

The evening progressed, everything went great and they had fun together with a few acquaintances.

James had to go to the toilet but was discouraged by the long queue. He saw three people urinating outside and decided to join.


Ksenia explained that the security approached James to tell that urinating in the wild is not allowed. The security grabbed his shoulder and punched him in his jaw.

Her fiancé reacts of self-defense and grabbed the attacker by the neck and rolled over the sand, explains Ksenia.

“I was sitting inside and couldn’t see or hear anything. My boyfriend called me and told me he is been smashed and we need to leave. At that moment I thought it was a joke but left my friend inside and went to have a look what’s going on, —Ksenia said.

The fiancé first thought it was a joke until she saw James bleeding from his mouth with a torn shirt at the door.

Ksenia went to the security to ask what happened but they ignored her meanwhile James tried to explain to her what happened.

A blonde security told James to keep his mouth shut and hit him hard on his shoulder.

“The blond security told him shut up and punched my boyfriend to his shoulder so hard, — Ksenia said.

Ksenia explains that the security attacked him you usually see in Hollywood blockbuster movies.

“Then they all started beat unmercifully him, knocked him on the sand and started kicking him all of them. I can remember 6 guards at that moment. I was screaming from all this horrifying situation. I was in front of all this fight and couldn’t do anything, —Ksenia explained.

Ksenia wanted to stop this horror but she was assaulted for doing that. She was kicked in her knee that had recently undergone surgery and the security pushed her away.

Her fiancé is kicked and beaten on his head, ribs, and legs.

Before the assault finally stopped, a black-haired security turned around and gave James the final hard kick.

“When they stopped the guy with black hair turned around and kicked him so hard that my boyfriend cramped, —Ksenia explained.

Ksenia does not believe her eyes that this can happen in a city where she has been living for years.

An hour later, a similar accident would have occurred at this beach club.



“Main manager and co-owner didn’t even show up and he knows me very well. I texted his friend to ask him to come out as they were sharing the table and he answered he will not. Then I texted I will go to the police then and the answer was written “fuck off”…. No one helped, —Ksenia said.

The police advised the couple to have a medical report first in order to sue the beach club Playa Padre.


They went after the accident to their hotel Los Monteros, but the pain became unbearable that James asked her to bring him to the hospital ‘Del Sol’.

The result of that horrible Sunday is a broken rib, concussion of the brain, blocked neck and multiple hematomas. James is still recovering.

X-Ray Photos - Playa Padre Marbella

X-Ray Photos of James’ ribs

Ksenia is heavily traumatized by the whole experience at beach club Playa Padre. They are still considering taking legal action.

Playa Padre Marbella

Playa Padre is located on one of the beautiful beaches of Marbella. When entering the beach club you get the feeling you are somewhere far in the tropics.

The beach club received a very positive rating. On Facebook, it has a rating of 4.4 stars and on Google 3.9 but the negative reviews compliment the experience of the couple.

Radio Marbella has asked Playa Padre for a response.

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