Peter Sanders – My Time (Melody Lovers Mix)

Peter Sanders - My Time (Melody Lovers Mix)

Who is behind the wonderful track ‘My Time’ and who is Peter Sanders. Stranger, who is Melody Lover, Miss Melody?

On January 28 this year the smashing song ‘My Time’ by Peters Sanders is available on Beatport.

Radio Marbella does not want to sound like a conspiracy theorist but the producer of this song seems like a ‘ghost’. No information can be found about Peter Sanders.

Peter Sanders - My Time (Melody Lovers Mix)

Help us find the ghost

The story gets crazier, when you search for the label as indicated on Beatport ‘Avocado Mango Soup’ you get food related Google results.

We have asked the Dutch DJ Miss Melody if she has anything to do with this great deep house track, even though we have our doubts.

Radio Marbella loves big challenges. Help us find the ghost. If you have no idea who Peter Sanders is, consider sharing this article on your page to increase the chance finding him.

Peter Sanders – My Time (Melody Lovers Mix)

What can be said is that this song was released on 28 January 2018 on Beatport under the label Avocado Mango Soup. The label has more than 150 tracks under the name, so no small one which makes this story even more mysterious.

The Catalan cover girl is our Instagram model Cristina Balart from Reus, Spain.
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