Meet DJ & Producer Ozan Akçiçek

Meet DJ Ozan Akcicek who has Turkey’s and almost the world’s most distinct career. Besides his teaching career at different universities at a young age, we are talking about a DJ career which was started at times when he was a high school student working at a radio station to the recent times of unforgettable performances behind the set-up’s of Turkey’s most prestigious clubs.

Ozan Akçiçek performed as resident DJ sequentially at Öküz, Tac Mahal, Tren and Jade Beach Club and got the chance to reach great audiences. Although he played the songs which can be listened at many places, he mixed them with a House based style and presented a unique blend that he got admiration of a lot of club music lovers.

After a long period of performing as a resident DJ, he decided to continue his performances in events and by the way, he focused on producing some music works which he couldn’t do in his busy resident DJ’ing period. Recently, both his remixes for popular songs and his sets on Power Fm’s mobile application, has gained him a great deal of followers and it’s getting more and more day by day.