Who is OSVISS of Oxygen? Slam Deep Track #48

Listen and discover why this track landed #1.

The Slam Deep Track of the week is Oxygen by OSVISS. Who is OSVISS?

OSVISS, born in 1999, is the Medicine student Osvaldas Petrokas from Kaunas, Lithuania. The teenager who once started with free music production software has landed with the high energy dance track Oxygen in Radio Marbella’s Top 10 on #1.

OSVISS is the youngest music producer ever in Radio Marbella’s history. Regardless of his age, his track Oxygen is very popular among the listeners. Listen and download a copy here.

One of his first music production appeared on Soundcloud is the Dance & EDM track Deer Race.

The number of tracks may be on the low side but you know the saying: “It’s not about the quantity, it’s about the quality.”