Nora En Pure is Set to Release Homebound EP

Nora En Pure has nicely incorporated her roots in her album

Nora En Pure is set to release the album Homebound tomorrow 25th of October, a sensational Melodic House EP loaded with three tracks straight from her soul ‘Homebound,’ ‘Epiphany,’ and ‘Dry Sobbing‘.

The album ‘Homebound EP‘ by the Swiss aka South African deep house queen, Nora En Pure will be released by the Swiss record label Enormous Tunes.


The title track ‘Homebound‘ serves as the perfect soundtrack for her return to her homeland South Africa with delightful magical piano chords, juicy strings and ultra-fine percussion loaded with positive vibes.

Dry Sobbing

The mood switching track ‘Dry Sobbing‘ breaks the album with a nice pumping bassline and funky synthesizer in harmony with exciting strings and piano chords.


Epiphany‘ is in contrast to the other two songs a smashing song with ebbs and flows throughout the entire timeline with signature synthesizer stabs, some extraordinary brass shots and a super analog synthesizer line. A great track with much variations.

Nora En Pure takes the happy owner of ‘Homebound EP‘ to a deeper dimension.

Nora En Pure

Nora En Pure Purified
Nora En Pure on stage at the sold out event ‘Purified’ on October 5, 2019 in Prague.

Nora En Pure, is one of the world’s leading acts of the deep house music industry and not least an indie dance sensation. She is a member of the act The Helvetic Nerds founded in 2008 by DJ Maurizio Colella or EDX.

Daniela Niederer, born on July 20, 1990 in Johannesburg

Radio Marbella describes her music as impressive with a unique fingerprint in all her music using rare building blocks consisting of complex instrumentals and enlightening melodies.

Nora first came into contact with electronic music in 2008 when she met friends who had their music studio. Nora En Pure is one of the first artists we have developed her own melodic deep house sound.

“I got in touch with electronic music when I met some friends who had their own studios — that was around 2008. Given that I’ve always been passionate about music, playing instruments and singing myself, I was fascinated by how creative you can be with electronic music,” she told Elite Daily. 

Nora En Pure is not a follower but a born leader. Instead of following the melodic deep house trend, she developed her own sound and makes gold with everything she touch.

She had gigantic gigs such as at Ultra Music Festival, Coachella, Tomorrowland, Ushua├»a Ibiza, Mysteryland USA, and at the world’s largest club Privilege Ibiza and Marquee Dayclub Las Vegas.

Homebound EP will be available tomorrow October 25 and Nora En Pure returns to South Africa in December.