Nikko Culture Interview

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Nikko Culture is no stranger to Radio Marbella. This is not a typical boring Wiki post but an interview with the one and only Nikko Culture.

Nikko Culture is a Nu Disco and Indie dance music producer from Greece. His passion for electronic music started in his younger years. This has been escalated to a level as music producer in which he has taught himself. He pushed the envelope in 2015 when he walked the professional path as a music producer. Nikko Culture sees this whole experience as a reward and finds his happiness in his music.

Nikko Culture Interview

Now let’s find out who Nikko Culture is with this interview.

What is your real name, birthday, and place of birth?

My real name is Nikos Kourtis and I was born in one of the most beautiful cities in Patras, Greece.

What’s the origin of the name “Nikko Culture”?

What I thought is that my music is my own culture. Whenever Nikko = Me and Culture = My Music

What music genre do you consider your work to be?

I really don’t believe it exists. It’s a little bit of everything. Deep House, Nu Disco, Progressive House, Indie Dance, and Disco.

If you weren’t a producer what would you be doing do now?

I am not in a position to know this. Logically I would follow the School I finished.

Describe briefly your ritual before you produce a song?

I don’t think I have any kind of ritual. I’m just going into the studio, it’s just me and the music.

Congratulations on “Let Me – EP”. How’s your album doing so far?

Thank you very much. So far I think it’s going very well.

Explain briefly how you developed the mood of ‘Let Me’? (Do you let yourself be inspired by the vocal first or something else?

They are different each time. Some costumes start from the phonetic, some not. It depends on the mood and what I have in mind.

‘Let Me’ EP contains one original version and three remixes brought by Nezhdan, Nando Fortunato, and Alexander Hristov. How did the collaboration arise and how do you decide who will be in the album?

Yes it contains three great remixes different from the other. I’ve heard chores from all three kids and I really like their music. The style and manner in which each piece is manipulated is unique. I don’t have any standards to just decide that I like the work of every artist.

What’s your favorite studio plugin?

I have no specific. Each track is over 5-6 different.

What’s your ultimate direction of Nikko Culture?

I haven’t thought of that.

What can we expect from Nikko Culture in 2020?

Definitely a lot of pieces. Original but also remixed. Outside of that I’ll drop the weight on my record label (Round Trip Bus Records) that is slowly starting to appear on stage.

Do you have advice for young people who want to become a music producer?

The only thing I can say to the young people who are going in right now is that it is good to feel the music as an expression and not be tempted by the other wrap that can come through it. Only then will he go ahead and do something good. That’s how I saw it.

Which artist, producer, or musician would you like to work with?

One of my favorites is Black Coffee. But it’s a different kind of music.

We want to thank Nikko Culture for taking his time to make this interview a reality. Become a MARBS MEMBER and ask your question below. Maybe Nikko Culture answers your question.

Written by: Radio Marbella

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