MT Soul – Trusting

The alarm track is a track that has become trendy over the past seven days!

MT Soul’s smashing song Trusting is this week’s Alarm Track.

The Belgian producer released Trusting on July 3 under the umbrella of the record label Selected. and has since become the trendiest song among our listeners.

The deep vocal and especially the saxophone might be the two main ingredients why people like Soul’s song so much.

The original and extended mix of Teardrops and Anonymous are MT Soul’s top three releases on Beatport. On YouTube, “Charles & Eddie – Would I Lie To You? (MT SOUL Remix)” is the most popular song with over 15 million views.

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Top 10

Below you can see the ten trendiest tracks of the past 7 days.

  1. MT Soul – Trusting [download] 🔔
  2. Pete Bellis & Tommy – Beauty [download]
  3. G.N.R.T. – Show Me How You Dance (Vadim Adamov Remix) [download]
  4. Solidmind – Al Shan [download]
  5. Julian Collet & Kröll – Summertime Sadness [download]
  6. Shanguy – Toukassé (NRD1 Remix 2020) [download]
  7. GeoM – Holding On [download]
  8. Silience – I Don’t Wanna Know (feat. Brenda Mullen) [download]
  9. Cristian Poow & Late Than Ever – Make This Happen (DJ Mephisto & ISO Music Remix) [download]
  10. Daniele Ceccarini – Solarium [download]