Michael Christian’s song trendy on Radio Marbella

The alarm track is a track that has become trendy over the past seven days!

For the first time in history, an American music producer has been listed with the Alarm Track nomination with the song “By Your Side“. This is what we can tell you about him.

Michael Christian has a unique workflow when it comes to music production because his focus consists of three words “Rhythm, Melody, and Harmony” and this comes from somewhere.

His love for music started when his parents gave him a keyboard at Christmas. He started experimenting with music production at high school.

“He started at 7 years old when his parents gave him a keyboard for Christmas. His love for the piano was transformed at high school when he started experimenting with making music,” he writes on Facebook.

Did you know that a Dutchman gave Christian the drive in becoming a professional music producer?

After hearing “In And Out Of Love” by Armin Van Buuren it motivated him to push the envelope in becoming a producer but also the love for EDM was born.

Michael Christian says, “I knew from that moment when I heard his song, that this is what I wanted to do, this is where my creativity and imagination could take me to my dreams”.

By Your Side

This song has just been released and is the most popular song among the listeners of the past seven days.

Do you agree with our listeners? What are you waiting for and download it here.

Michael Christian has managed to bring two singles into the Top 10 on Beatport with “The One” at #4 and “See You Again” at #10. He has also brought his other single “Make It Through” to #13 respectively.

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Top 5

The five trendiest songs from the past 7 days are:

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  4. Mike D’ Jais – Colors Of Love (Original Mix) [Different Twins Records]
  5. Guantanamo Bae – I Want You to Be Kind (Original Mix) [Songtradr]

Next Monday you will see us again with a new Alarm Track.