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He is driven by an unstoppable passion for music. Van Peters is a perfectionist, striving to be original and stay on top of the scene. Van Peters is constantly on the move, whether in music in his studio or in clubs or festivals.

Little History

Van Peters was born in the Netherlands. His father is Dutch and his mother is from Ambon. He was raised in a small city in Rotterdam. Then his parents decided to move to a small village in the province of Zeeland. There he struggled to find his thing.

In 1997 Van Peters became obsessed with electronic music the moment he came in contact with Hardcore music. One of his favorite music producers and inspiration is the King of Hardcore music DJ Paul Elstak. He decided to become a DJ and placed club equipment in his bedroom. One day he blew up the windows making his parents crazy with his obsession with music.

“Not falling is failing but refusing to stand up.” ~ Van Peters

He moved to Salou, Spain to start a new life because he has been on vacation once and since then he’s in love with Spain. There he came in touch with well-known Dutch dance and deep house music DJs and music producers. This has influenced his music choice. Over the years he has built connections and decided to return to the Netherlands to start his business.

Van Peters missed Spain too much and moved permanently to Spain in 2012. To this day he lives in the luxurious Marbella, the Costa del Sol.

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