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Susie Johnson is a vocalist, DJ and music producer, who represents two countries: Russia and USA.

She was born in New York, lived for many years in Europe, and is currently based in Saint-Petersburg (Russia).

Her passion for music doesn’t know any limits, she is constantly searching for new sounds and ideas, her music sets represent a big variety of styles, as her own music does.

She has been composing since she was 15, performing on stage as a vocalist, working on film sets, and in a DJ school, producing music and writing lyrics for other musicians.

You can hear her music sets not only live in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow, but also on various internet radios.

Being fluent in both English and Russian, she actively uses this for her music projects. She has released tracks with other musicians, and is currently working on her own albums, one of them containing melodic nu-disco and house tunes, combined with her own vocals.


Susie Johnson Susie Johnson Susie Johnson Susie Johnson Susie Johnson DJ Susie Johnson

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