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Deepness Sessions Radio Show, is a weekly mix sessions radio show hosted by the well known deep house & nu disco artist, Rudii, featuring guest artists & DJs from all around the world.

One of the early DJs/producers of the House & Dance sounds from Lebanon back in the 2000’s.

Rawad Alameh known as Rudii is a name most clubbing aficionados of the world know and respect, he is self-made man who has been mixing deep and dance music for over 20 years.

His success in the Middle East has become extraordinary, led him to have multiply weekly residencies in many clubs around Beirut city ( taboo night club , I-bar night club , Pure night club , Serata night club , Prive night , audio night club , level night club , Maison Blanc , flight 32 , X- club , Senses , Gold) ).

By the years his growing reputation and success was picked up by international party people which it lead him to have many residencies around the Mediterranean & gulf , including Qatar – Doha different venues (Windows Club , Lava Club , Piano Bar , Cube , Pearl Lounge ) , Dubai Venues (Armani Prive) , and Muscat – Oman Venues (John Barry Bar , Grand Hyatt Hotel).

A born perfectionist, Rudii is driven by an undying passion for music, he launched his first solo album “Coming Home” on Manaina Records, which one of the album tracks “Coming Home” Hits the charts on beatport top 100 indie dance in the 30th place. By releasing many singles & remixes , Hosting his own radio show “Rudii Deepness sessions Radio Show” including guest Artist from all around the world.

Collaboration with international DJ’s & Artists: Deadmau5, Djs From Mars, Paul Mendez, Bob Sinclare, Megan Kashat, Mar G Rock, Bruno Motta, Pascal jounior, Melhi Aydougan, Nikko Culture, Nayio Bitz, Andrew Dimas, Daniel SK, AMHouse.

Record Labels Signed with:

  1. Maniana Records (Greece)
  2. Sensoria Records (Brazil)
  3. Sugar Style Records (Greece)
  4. Call Me Retro (Greece)
  5. Round Trip Bus Records (Greece)
  6. Road Story Records (Turkey)
  7. Natural Deep Records (Russia)
  8. Music Makes You Feel (Russia)
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