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Andrey Sostin


Deep House

Russian Deep Ocean


Your Saturdays are never boring again. Every week, Russian Deep Ocean, where deep delicious frequencies echoing you away in an ecstasy of awakening and deep pleasure, accompanied with delicious vocals that take you far deep into another world; This is RUSSIAN DEEP OCEAN with Russian musicians like Soundsperale, Abriviatura IV, Chunkee and more.

Andrey Sostin was born in September 1992 in Murmansk, the capital of the Kola Arctic region. Since childhood, he was interested in music and while still in school, he wanted to become a DJ and write music. Since 2010, he began to play at night parties and live in clubs in his hometown. In 2017, he debuted his first single and in 2018 he dropped his first EP.

During this time, he managed to release on labels:

  • Impure (Spain)
  • Prison Entertainment (UK)
  • Road Story Records (San Francisco)
  • Sensoria Records (Brazil)
  • Music Makes You Feel (Russian Federation)
  • NEO (Russian Federation)
  • Yeiskomp Records (Russian Federation)
  • Deepwibe Records (Russian Federation)
  • Deep Strips (Spain)

In 2020, he became a resident of the RDO radio show on Radio Marbella.

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