“Me Muerdo Los Labios” Breaks Stereotypical Latin Music

Marbella – Lip biting song by Sinego and Andee Zeta “Me Muerdo Los Labios” shows that Latin music also has nostalgic, dark and poetic facets. Latin music is known for festive, joyful, and warm charisma. “Me Muerdo Los Labios” is inspired by the Ecuadorian, Colombian and Argentinian boleros like artists such as Julio Jaramillo, Gardel, and the Hermanitas Calle.

“Me Muerdo Los Labios” —meaning I bite my lips— was released on August 16 this year under the Mexican Dance and House Record Label XDM Records.

Sinego is a multi-instrumentalist, DJ, & Producer. His Deep House flavored songs have reached more than 3 million streams on Spotify. Sinego has achieved substantial success in a short time and has great potential as an iconic figure in the electronic scene in Latin America. His first release “Free” went viral on Spotify and was streamed millions of times in just two months, proving Sinego is ready to conquer the streaming world with pop-influenced electronic tracks.

Sinego’s Beatport top 6 tracks are Playa Grande with Bomba Estéreo and Sofi Tukker, Verte Triste, Best Friend featuring Nervo, The Knocks, and Alisa Ueno, Verte Triste, Androgenia with Hapax Legomenon, and Free with Adara and Egzod.

Together with the drummer, recording artist, musician, and composer from Bogotá, Colombia Andee Zeta he produced the great smashing song “Me Muerdo Los Labios“.

XDM is an umbrella name for XDM record label and 22 names that are made available under XDM agency.

XDM Records is a real Mexican record label found by Broz Rodriguez in association with Toy Saelectah. The company focuses primarily on Dance and House music. The two genres meet the Latin elements which define the sound of XDM.

It is hoped for more tracks like this with delicious Latin vibes. Hopefully, you can hear more from Sinego.

Below you can listen to the great track.