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Marca Sport Weekend Marbella 2019


It’s a cold Saturday afternoon visiting Marca Sport Weekend Marbella. We are at Puerto Deportivo de Marbella that slowly but surely is attracting curious locals and tourists. From young to old.

From 15 to 17 November you can visit a variety of stalls, sports exhibitions, street sports, workshops, tournaments, meet and greet with various athletes, and so much more.

This sporting event takes place throughout Marbella. The organization speaks of the largest sporting event ever in Spain.

Gaming is considered a sport too, on this stage, two gamers are going to slaughter each other in an exciting FIFA game, a popular soccer game. In world competitions, we talk about prizes worth a few thousand euros to millions.

The presenter announces a very special guest. Laura Moreno, known in the field of eSports as @LauriXGames. Moreno is the first female professional “FIFA” player in Spanish history and the world’s second.

On social networks, you search for #MarcaSportWeekend and find nice photos and videos about this entertaining but educational sport event.