Man sends electronic music into space to contact Aliens

There might come a day when aliens will space on electronic music

This year Netflix is coming out with an exciting documentary about a man who sends electronic music into space to make contact with aliens.

John Shepherd is an extraterrestrial enthusiast who sent electronic music into space from 1971 till 1998 intending to bring aliens closer to Earth so he can study them. He is convinced that music is the perfect medium.

John Shepherd says in the documentary: “You don’t need to translate if something can be felt through the soul, through the mind. There’s always that twilight zone in between reality and music that allows you a certain imaginary landscape … you can go there and figure things out, or just sort of relax and cruise with flow.”

Unlike most DJs, Shepherd’s audience is of otherworldly descent that started at his grandparents’ living room and eventually evolved to a serious project called “The STRAT project”.

It has not gone unnoticed as his life’s work has been filmed as the documentary “John Was Trying to Contact Aliens” exclusively on Netflix.

The world is obsessed with aliens that there are YouTube channels that entertain their followers every day with UFO sightings from all over the world. There are debunkers like UFO of Interest, HoaxEye, or UFO Theater protecting the work of serious people in ufology indirectly by fact-checking online content. Unfortunately, all sightings can be explained.

The “oldest known song” was written in cuneiform, dating to 3,400 years ago from Ugarit in Syria. Music has always been central since humanity. Music is considered as the universal language, we may one day come into contact with aliens with the help of EDM.

Can you picture it? Aliens Spacing to House music!

Watch the trailer John Was Trying to Contact Aliens below.


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