3 Tips to Find Long Term Rentals in Marbella – Apartments and Villas

In this article, you will learn three tips on how to find long term rentals in Marbella the best way. If you are looking for long term holiday rentals, apartments, or villas then this article is meant for you.

Here are 3 tips to find long term rentals, Apartments, and villas in Marbella fast and guaranteed.

Tip 1: Facebook Groups

Stop seeking for long term rentals in Marbella, you will be found instead. Popular Facebook groups such as Marbella Long Term Rentals is the place to find quickly and easily a rental. Place your request and let the magic begin. The group was created on June 11, 2015, by Bill Edwards, an expat living in Marbella.

The advantage of this Facebook group is that it is enormously fixed on one niche. You will find agents, brokers, and home seekers. Pay extra attention, social networks such as Facebook are sensitive to fraud. Therefore, do not make any payments before you have inspected the place and read the contract carefully. Radio Marbella only recommend this tip if you are seeking for a long term rental with urgent.

Tip 2: Time2Buy

The real estate Time2Buy is located in the heart of Marbella that specializes in sales and rentals. As a result of many reviews, Time2Buy is professional, friendly and has helped many people looking for a long term rental quickly.

Tip 3: ThinkSPAIN

ThinkSPAIN is an online portal for jobs, long term holiday rentals, office space, villas, long term rentals, basically everything. Founded in 2003 and located in Valencia. It has helped millions of individuals and businesses.

Here too you have to watch out for fraudulent practices. The disadvantage is that sometimes you never get a response back.

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Safety Tips

Beware of fraudsters. Radio Marbella has learned that it is quite easy to bump into a fraudster. Never pay a deposit without inspecting and be extremely skeptical with too good to be true offers on the internet.

  1. Never pay a deposit without inspecting first no matter what they claim.
  2. Always do a background check, Google is your best friend.
  3. Too good to be true offers are too good to be true.
  4. Always rent with a lease contract.
  5. Take your time, read the contract carefully. Hire a lawyer in Marbella if you are not sure.
  6. A landlord must clearly state what is included in the rent. Think water, electricity, cleaning, or who is liable for damages.
  7. Know the law.