Leo Salom’s Smashing Hit ‘Take Your Time’ Is Out Now

Leo Salom - Take Your Time

Italian producer Leo Salom released yesterday his new song ‘Take Your Time’. This delicious deep house track is a bold statement that it will be all right with the deep house music industry if you have not read that yet read “What Will Vocal Deep House Music Do In 2018?“.

What can we tell about this passionate music producer that deserves our media attention. Let us introduce you to Leo Salom, including a short interview.

Leo Salom - Take Your Time - Interview
Credits: leosalom.com


Below you can read the interview with Leo Salom.

How did you create ‘Take Your Time’ tell us about the journey from the first tune to final result?

Take Your Time evolved over the course of a couple of months. I was spending a fair amount of time on the west side of Los Angeles  (I reside on the east side) and I felt inspired by the carefree, seemingly blissful existence of the residents of Venice and Santa Monica. It felt meditative being over there… I kept thinking, “people really take their time here… they slow down… they ‘cruise’ in a sense…” and when I started to sit down to create a track, those thoughts stayed with me. Funny enough, when I first started producing take your time it had a very different sound than the end result. It wasn’t as up tempo as it is now. Sometimes that happens though — you start creating something with a very specific idea of what it should look or sound like, and over the course of the production, it changes drastically.

What is so special about Deep House music?

For me — and I can’t speak for everybody — I find Deep House moving and more than anything, completely uplifting. I’ve yet to listen to a deep house track that left me feeling melancholy. Also, the roots of it are in Jazz music, and I’m a huge jazz fan, so I love that two genres, while wildly different as a whole, are actually very connected.

You started as a drummer and percussionist, what benefits does it bring as a producer with such background skills?

I think anytime you can play an instrument, it benefits you when you’re producing a track. As a drummer, some of my favorite songs are the ones where the drumming comes in at just the right time and changes everything — the feel, the movement of the song — what have you. To that end, when I’m producing a track, something I like to do is reverse the snare before the drop. If it happens at just the right moment, it reminds me of how timing is everything… just like drumming. It’s all about rhythm, all about timing. Depending on where it happens on the song, can make or break the track.

You are the Founder of the Regolare Records label. How did that happen and what do you want to tell about this?

It’s still a work in progress, actually, but I can tell you that it’s something my best friends and I started in Roma. We wanted to create a label that did everything from produce tracks to epic parties. At the moment, I have five artists on the label, but my hope is that in time that will grow to many more. Stand by.

You’re Italian but you’re currently staying in America. If you had to make a choice, Pizzas or Hamburgers, what would your choice be?

Can’t I have both? Let’s go with a slice of pizza Margherita in between 2 patties and two buns.👌🏼

Leo Salom - Take Your Time - Biography
Credits : leosalom.com

Who Is Leo Salom

That’s why we have to know “if his life depends on a pizza and a hamburger.” What will he choose? A very important question, don’t you think?

Leo Salom’s real name is Leonardo Salom, a true Italian name. His birthplace is Lucca, a small town with nearly 90 thousand inhabitants a few klick north of the tower of Pisa.

He has a musical background according to this biography. He was born with drumsticks in his hands, a figure of speaking. In addition to drumming, he is also interested in percussionist, that’s someone who plays timpani, xylophone, cymbals, triangle, snare drum, bass drum, tambourine, maracas, gongs, chimes, celesta, or piano.

Maybe he was raised in a musical family? Who knows!

His biography tells that he is since 2011 a music producer. Even though he is seven years in business ‘Take Your Time’ sounds great.

Then Salom started to become interested in deep house music and now has his own record label called Regolare Records.

Now he is in the vibrant city of Los Angeles as our resident DJ V3NSO. The question is, will Leo Salom ever return to Italy?

Leo Salom - Take Your Time
Credits: leosalom.com

Leo Salom – Take Your Time

Take your time is for sale on Beatport. Released on January 27 under the label Symphonic Distribution. Buy the song of Leo Salom in high quality here.

You can follow Leo on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud or visit his official website at leosalom.com.