Jankaastrekker Soundsperale & Steklo - I Wish I wish 2024 will be a good year for everyone 😇 Martina Descubrí Radio Marbella hace poco y ya es mi favorita. Las melodías son perfectas para relajarse. John Wick USA I'm always impressed by the variety of music on Radio Marbella. It's perfect for any mood I'm in.


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Portrait of Costa Mee wearing sunglasses with neon lights reflecting the Deep Disco Records logo.


Why Costa Mee’s ‘Feelings Set Free’ is a Must-Listen

Costa Mee has done it again! His new track, "Feelings Set Free," dropped on June 12, 2024, and it's already making waves in the deep house scene. This banger brings an infectious energy that's impossible to ignore. With a strong rhythm, catchy melody, and raw vocals, "Feelings Set Free" is a must-listen for anyone who loves getting lit and vibing to great music. 🌟 Costa Mee's signature style shines through, […]

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Killer whales attacking a yacht in the Strait of Gibraltar


Why Did Killer Whales Sink a Boat in the Strait of Gibraltar?

Killer whales, or orcas, have been causing quite a splash in the Strait of Gibraltar! 🐋💥 Recently, a pod of these powerful creatures sank the yacht Alboran Cognac, leaving everyone asking, "Why did killer whales sink a boat?" On May 12, 2024, near Cape Spartel, these orcas rammed the yacht repeatedly, ultimately causing it to sink. The two sailors aboard were safely rescued by a nearby oil tanker, but the […]

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Woman with long black hair and red lipstick in front of neon lights.


Radio Marbella is Back: The Best Vocal Deep House 24/7

Boom! Radio Marbella is back, flexing its title as the top vocal deep house station! Broadcasting from the heart of Puerto Banús, Marbella, this epic station is live again, streaming the best vocal deep house 24/7. Wondering why Radio Marbella is lit? It's all about nonstop, high-quality beats, engaging DJ sets, and zero ads. Whether you’re vibing at home or on the go, tune in to and let the […]

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Correct pronunciation of Marbella with tips and audio guides


Say Marbella Correctly: Tips and Tricks for Perfect Pronunciation

Ever found yourself puzzled over how to pronounce "Marbella"? You're not alone, and we've got you covered! 🌟 Whether you're planning a trip or just curious, knowing the correct pronunciation is key. Say it with us: "Mar-BEH-yah." Perfecting this will not only impress locals but also help you avoid those awkward mispronunciations. Dive into our tips and tricks to master the pronunciation of this beautiful Spanish gem! 🌴✨ How to […]

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Facts about Marbella, Smiling woman enjoying a sunny day at a beach in Marbella with palm trees and people in the background


50 Fun and Interesting Facts About Marbella You Didn’t Know

Marbella is a sun-soaked paradise on Spain's Costa del Sol, famous for its golden beaches, luxurious lifestyle, and vibrant nightlife. But there's more to this beautiful city than meets the eye. Did you know that Marbella's history dates back to Roman times, or that it's home to some of the most exclusive beach clubs in Europe? Whether you're a history buff, a party enthusiast, or a foodie, Marbella has something […]

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Police helicopters and vans during a raid at Ocean Club Marbella.


Why Did Police Raid Ocean Club Marbella with Helicopters and Vans?

On May 25, 2024, Ocean Club Marbella became the center of attention as the National Police launched a dramatic raid involving helicopters and a dozen police vans. This unexpected event left partygoers stunned during one of the club’s legendary champagne parties. The raid was part of the broader 'Marbella Plan', an aggressive initiative to clamp down on organized crime following a surge in violent incidents in the area. With loudspeakers […]

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Psychic medium Carolyn Clapper finds missing Louisiana mom Theresa Jones


Wisconsin Medium Finds Missing Louisiana Mom – Here’s How It Happened

Theresa Jones, a 56-year-old from Union Parish, Louisiana, vanished on a cold February night. After local law enforcement hit a dead end, her desperate daughters turned to psychic medium Carolyn Clapper. In a twist straight out of a mystery novel, Clapper’s eerily accurate directions led them to their mom’s body in a nearby creek. 😱 Want to know how it all unfolded? Read on to uncover this incredible story! The […]

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Athenea Paulinha Pérez Nsué in a vibrant swimwear pose, showcasing her confidence and style.


Athenea Paulinha Pérez Nsué: From Murcia to Miss Universe Spain 2023

Who is Athenea Paulinha Pérez Nsué? Well, if you haven’t heard of her yet, get ready to be flabbergasted! Athenea, hailing from the vibrant city of Murcia, has just snagged the crown as Miss Universe Spain 2023. This 27-year-old stunner, with a Spanish father and an Equatorial Guinean mother, is not just about looks—she’s a powerhouse of resilience and advocacy. Ready to dive into her journey from Murcia to the […]

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Garik the monkey sitting on a fence, looking mischievous before his whiskey-fueled rampage in a Russian village


How a Drunk Monkey Wreaked Havoc in a Russian Village

Garik, the whiskey-loving monkey, turned a quiet Russian village into a scene of chaos and fear. The drama unfolded when Garik, consumed by jealousy over his owner Anna’s recent marriage, escaped his cage and went on a whiskey-fueled rampage. Villagers were left in shock as Garik bit five people, including a pregnant woman and a local journalist. The bizarre event has raised questions about pet ownership and animal behavior, leaving […]

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