Alarm Track: “Lady Ocean – Breakthrough”

Tough lady won the Alarm Track title

The song Breakthrough by Lady Ocean is the alarm track of this week.

Breakthrough is a wonderful dance record released on August 12 that has become a trend among Radio Marbella’s listeners.

Lady Ocean is the 21-year-old female music producer from Maryland, USA. The DNA of her music is a mix of Middle Eastern and South Asian tunes and feels with modern future house and bass music.

Lady Ocean is currently going through a difficult period due to the fight against cancer. She is a true respected warrior and is very grateful every day for sharing music with the world. Lady Ocean writes yesterday on her Facebook: “…I’m thankful to still be here, to still be breathing and in front of you sharing my music…”


Click here to support Lady Ocean by purchasing this song on iTunes.

Not only Breakthrough scored well on Radio Marbella, but Can’t Take ItPainter, and You performed extremely good.

You can find Lady Ocean on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify or visit her official website at


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