Julia Turano December Show

Replay of Julia Turano’s December show exclusively on Radio Marbella.

  1. Paul Lock – Fever (Dimitris Athanasiou Remix)
  2. Arthur M – Love Me Not (Elektromekanik Remix)
  3. Sons Of Mafia – Break Through (Dj Viktor P Remix)
  4. Svet – Somebody (Ian Tosel & Arthur M Remix)
  5. Stuart King – Maze (Original Mix)
  6. Kesh, Gab, NEVRMIND – Someone You Loved (Extended)
  7. Maximilian – Nothing Is Wrong (Original Mix)
  8. Sebastian Zara & Maximo – Ain’t Nobody (Original Mix)
  9. Paul Richmond – I’m on Fire (Extended Mix)
  10. Asher – Old Town Road (Original Mix)
  11. Costa Mee – Call Me (Original Mix)
  12. Caenite – Juska (Original Mix)
  13. Right Mood Ft. Voxo – We Gonna Let It Flow (Original Mix)
  14. Ksky – Piano Heaven (Original Mix)
DJ Julia Turano

The tasty-bomb from Russia flirts with her delicious deep house radio shows.

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