Inside The Multimillion Palatial Mansion in Marbella, Spain

Do you want to live like a king? That is possible in Marbella. We take a look at the multimillion Palatial Mansion located in the beautiful surroundings with a view over the sea and a mountain in the enormously large backyard.

It would be nice to show you more of my world, behind the scenes. What left me a huge impression is a mansion that is for sale for $17.2 million. Referring to the Palatial Mansion.

Credits: Jamesedition
Credits: Jamesedition

What you notice is that it has characteristics of a castle. Like many other villas and mansions, it has an Arabic-Moroccan accent. This, of course, has to do with the history of Spain and the relationship with Arab countries today.

The mansion is entered via a massive artisan archway leading on to an extensive driveway surfaced with antique marble pieces courting returned to the Roman Empire.

Palatial Mansion was built in 2012 by a Spanish architect with a whopping 11,227 square feet of living area on a plot of land of 39,772.6 square feet.

If that is not enough the mansion has 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms spread throughout tree floors. The rooms are very spacious and the master bedroom is literally master.

La Concha Marbella (‘the shell’) looks over the Spanish coast at over 3937 feet. La Concha is the highest mountain in and around the Andalusian city, Marbella.

The location is absolutely perfect because you look at Marbella with sea view and the the La Concha mountain as backyard view. This should give a breathless view at night with all those city lights.

The top floor — that can be entered via a gray marble staircase with a lot of Moroccan influence — has four gigantic bedrooms and dressing rooms where you get lost. All luxurious bedrooms have their own terrace with breathtaking views of the calming sea and the La Concha mountain.


The lower part of the mansion has a wine cellar, a huge garage, a cool cinema, two bedrooms for guests and staff. That’s also the heart of the mansion with a heating system is also sourced efficiently by bioenergy pallets.

If you want to relax then you take a wonderful relaxing sauna which is also located in the lower part area.

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