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How a Drunk Monkey Wreaked Havoc in a Russian Village

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Garik, the whiskey-loving monkey, turned a quiet Russian village into a scene of chaos and fear. The drama unfolded when Garik, consumed by jealousy over his owner Anna’s recent marriage, escaped his cage and went on a whiskey-fueled rampage. Villagers were left in shock as Garik bit five people, including a pregnant woman and a local journalist. The bizarre event has raised questions about pet ownership and animal behavior, leaving the village of Myliki reeling from the unexpected havoc.

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Who is Garik the Monkey?

Garik isn’t just any monkey. He’s a notorious, whiskey-loving troublemaker who found his way into Anna’s heart and home in the village of Myliki. Known for his mischievous antics, Garik became increasingly jealous after Anna got married. This jealousy, combined with his fondness for whiskey, set the stage for a disastrous day.

The Whiskey-Fueled Rampage

How It Started

The chaos began when Garik, in a fit of jealousy, escaped his cage. Spotting a bottle of whiskey, he couldn’t resist. A few sips later, Garik was on the loose, wreaking havoc through the village streets.

The Incident

With whiskey fueling his aggression, Garik bit five villagers, including a pregnant woman and a journalist. Witnesses described the scene as terrifying, with Garik acting wildly, biting anyone in his path before being subdued.

Why Did Garik Go on a Rampage?

Jealousy Trigger

Anna’s recent marriage sparked a wave of jealousy in Garik. His aggressive behavior had been escalating since the marriage, leading to this explosive outburst.

Alcohol Influence

Experts say the whiskey intensified Garik’s aggression, making him more unpredictable and dangerous. The smell of alcohol was strong on Garik when he was finally examined by veterinarians.

Victims and Injuries

Who Were Bitten?

The victims included:

  • A pregnant woman
  • A local journalist
  • Three other villagers

Nature of Injuries

The injuries ranged from minor bites to more severe wounds requiring medical attention. All victims received rabies injections as a precaution.

The Aftermath

Immediate Response

The villagers, initially paralyzed with fear, managed to restrain Garik after luring him with sugar cookies. It took three men to finally secure him.

Garik’s Fate

Post-rampage, Garik was taken to the Python Zoo Center for safety and containment. His owner, Anna, acknowledged she could no longer control him.

Previous Incidents of Monkey Attacks in Russia

Historical Context

This isn’t Russia’s first monkey-related chaos. In July 2022, another monkey attacked a child in the village of Terpigorievo, highlighting a recurring issue with exotic pets.

Comparative Analysis

Similar to Garik’s rampage, previous incidents involved monkeys showing aggressive behavior towards humans, often resulting in injuries and medical treatments.

Expert Opinions

Veterinarian Insights

Vets found no diseases in Garik but noted the strong scent of alcohol, confirming the whiskey consumption. They stressed the dangers of mixing alcohol with animal behavior.

Behavioral Analysis

Animal behaviorists linked Garik’s aggression to his jealousy and the influence of alcohol, suggesting that such pets require specialized care and monitoring.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

Animal Laws in Russia

Russian laws prohibit keeping certain exotic animals as pets, but existing pets before the law’s enactment in 2020 are exempt. This incident might prompt stricter enforcement.

Owner Responsibility

Anna could face legal repercussions for failing to secure Garik properly, raising questions about the ethical responsibilities of exotic pet ownership.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What triggered Garik’s rampage?

Garik’s jealousy over his owner’s marriage and consumption of whiskey triggered his aggressive behavior.

How did Garik escape his cage?

Garik managed to escape due to a lapse in securing his cage properly.

Were there previous signs of aggression from Garik?

Yes, Garik had shown increasing aggression since his owner’s marriage.

What measures are being taken to prevent future incidents?

Local authorities are reviewing pet ownership regulations and considering stricter enforcement of existing laws.


Garik’s whiskey-fueled rampage has left the village of Myliki in shock and sparked discussions on pet ownership laws. This bizarre event serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of exotic animals and the importance of responsible pet ownership.

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