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Henrik Schwarz’s Remix ‘Above the Waves of Crystal Water’ by John Metcalfe Now in Stores

henrik schwarzs remix above the waves of crystal water

Henrik Schwarz’s remix ‘Above the Waves of Crystal Water‘ by John Metcalfe is available today October 25, 2019, in all stores.

The Deep House producer from Germany Henrik Schwarz presents the second track of Metcalfe’s album ‘Absence– EP with a modern edge in two parts. The song can be found under the umbrella of the record label Neue Meister.

“The penultimate track from the ‘Absence’ EP is a remix of ‘Above The Waves of Crystal Water’ by the legendary Henrik Schwarz — out now,” writes John Metcalfe with proud on his Facebook page.

‘Above The Waves of Crystal Water Pt. 1‘ is so nice that you don’t have to be surprised that you hear this as a theme for a blockbuster movie or series while Pt.2 is more the swinging version. 

Take a listen to ‘Above The Waves of Crystal Water’ Part 1 and 2.

Three days earlier ‘Boats & Crosses‘ was released also of the album Absence. This is remixed by Richard Spaven in which he combines jazz with electronic music. Neue Meister writes: “Spaven combines the electronic world with jazz and his style influenced many other musicians.”

Henrik Schwarz

Henrik Schwarz
Credits: Henrik Schwarz

The German music producer Henrik Schwarz has released over 100 songs over the years for small and large labels such as Warner Music, Universal Music, Motown, Sony / BMG,! K7, Verve Records, and Indies like Defected Records, Innervisions, Ninja Tune, G-Stone, Compost Records and many more.

Schwarz has given a lot of platinum hits a tasteful facelift such as songs from Michael Jackson, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Boy George, Ane Brun, Camille, The Foals and Mari Boine and not to forget Coldplay and Mary J. Blige are very into his exclusive music production style and professionalism.

The career of the deep house and classical producer DJ Henrik Schwarz, who once started in 1990, has shaped an exceptional career.


John Metcalfe

John Metcalfe
Credits: Tom Oldham

John Metcalfe is a British composer, arranger, and violinist who has an extraordinary need to experiment with classical, pop, and electronic music.

His unique sound has been featured on many albums of major artists such as Morrissey, Simple Minds, The Pretenders, Coldplay, and Blur.

John Metcalfe’s 2015 solo album,‘The Appearance of Colour’, is praised by Radio Marbella as musical art with beautiful wuthering heights. The album ‘Absence’ EP released in 2018 contains 10 songs that take you away in the realm of relaxation, among, ‘Above the Waves of Crystal Water’.


John Metcalfe - Above the Waves of Crystal Water (Remix by Henrik Schwarz)
Cover John Metcalfe – Above the Waves of Crystal Water (Remix by Henrik Schwarz)

Henrik Schwarz has been asked to describe ‘Above the Waves of Crystal Water‘ in his own words and what inspires him most about John Metcalfe? Radio Marbella is still waiting for his response.

Above the Waves of Crystal Water (Remix by Henrik Schwarz) is available on: