Who Is That Russian Lady ‘Grivina’ Behind ‘I Love Deep House’

Who is Grivina, the Russian beauty from the smashing hit ‘I Love Deep House’. Especially for our Russian listeners and vocal deep house enthusiasts, Radio Marbella goes into investigation and here is the result.

Grivina or Darya Grivina, also known as Dasha Grivina, is born on July 22, 2000, in Abakan(Абакан), Russia. Grivina is a female pop-dance vocalist know for “I Love Deep House”.

Our research was made difficult for two reasons. We do not master the beautiful Russian language and there is no biography available, but that does not stop us from finding more information about this talented singer.

Meet Dasha Grivina, born in the Russian city Abakan in Russian Абакан and her zodiac sign is cancer. Her real name is probably Darya because if you look at her official VK page you see Darya Grivina.

Grivinia’s I Love Deep House

Let’s refresh your memory. Below is the song ‘I Love Deep House’ uploaded on the Youtube channel Russian Deep. ‘I Love Deep House’ is produced by the Russian producer Denis Gaziev.

VK & Instagram

Grivina is very active on VK, next to her profile she owns also an official VK page. In addition, she has a Youtube channel and place lots of pictures on her Instagram account.

Dasha Grivina
Credits: Dasha Grivina

There are no doubts that she is a talent. It is regrettable that many talents do not get the right help they deserve.

We hope that Grivina will find a promoter who makes basic information available to the public such as a biography and media kit but this is up to the promoter to promote her career.

I Love Deep House of Grivina grabbed our attention. We digged deeper and found out she’s fantastic. We hope she continues making great music.

Radio Marbella fully supports this singer from Russia. What do you think of her? Share your thoughts below.


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